I enjoy transforming someone else's discarded items into art. No, I don't usually go scavenging through other people's garbage, but on occasion, I've come across some interesting items at work and on my street in Brooklyn.

About a year ago, I saw a body of a cello from my window at home. I live right across the street from a music school, where they occasionally throw out unusuable instruments. It looked so dejected, I had to go get it.

This was part of my experiment combining wool and wire (later used in pieces like, Hush). I've always been into anthromorphosizing objects since I was a little. I remember drawing a face on a tag that came with a  television set and ask my parents to keep it on. But I digress. I decided to give the sad cello a new life as an art object.

The piece is an homage to Dadaist/Surrealist  artists like
Duchamp and Man Ray.