"Hush"   2007
5ft by 3ft
Japanese bamboo paper, wool, copper, cotton twine and other materials

This was a piece I had in the back of my mind ever since the biggest winter storm on record in nyc .
There is a magical feeling when a city of 8 million comes to a stand still. Cars stopped running and everything
from garbage bags to parked cars were blanketed in pure white snow. The contrast in noise and the usual vibrant colors of the city was breathtaking. The day after the storm, I came across a photo on the cover of the New York Times that somehow got etched in my mind. 
The duo-tone  strips of white bamboo paper used in the background are an homage to my favorite artist of all times, Agnes Martin. The purity and honesty of her life, which she generously shared with the world through her paintings and writings, embody what I consider something that is close to perfection as an artist.