The Red, White & Blue series

Although metals still have a special place in my art, in recent years, I have opened up to other materials to convey meaning through texture shape and value. Oscillating in the gray area between abstract and figuragive, most of my work have personal narratives attached to them. However, I'm not interesting in telling my story, but invite viewers to become critically engaged with the artwork.
The Red, White & Blue series, exhibited during the 2009 season at three separate shows throughout New York City, is a three-part installation, each with its own story.  Red is based on a Japanese myth about love, White is a visual depiction of a merely detactable sound, and Blue expresses a state of relationships between two people.  

Red: I Will Wait for You (2009) monofilament, colored sand, copper balls, nail
White: The Sound of Snow Falling (2009) cotton/acrylic yarn, monofilament, brass wires, sea salt

Blue: Joining & Parting (2009) acrylic yarn, monofilament, nails