Catherine Rosamond is a visual artist and artist consultant residing in Brooklyn, NY. First and foremost, Catherine's work is based on the simple desire to connect with the world visually through objects and installations that she considers to be internally beautiful. Her sculptures and installations vary in size and material, but they are mostly organic forms and images that look simple at first glance, but are quite detailed and complex upon closer observation. Her original choice of material is metal, showcasing her signature style of shrouding more 'valuble' materials under less costly ones. However, her environmentally mindful choice of materials and fabrication techinques are apparent whether her work is made of metal, wool, sand or bamboo paper. She invites her viewers to openly interpret her work based on their emotions and life experiences.

Catherine's quiet complexity gives away her multicultural background. She grew up in Tokyo where she attended a Roman Catholic-based international school. Feeling trapped in a stifling cultural and religious environment, she left for a school in Canada as a teenager. She has lived in Victoria, Toronto, Boston and briefly studying in London, England before settling down in New York City in the early 90's. With a Japanese mother and a Portuguese-Japanese father, the mix of Eastern and Western cultures that were formative part of her childhood, as well as the places she has lived and traveled, have help her create pieces that may be understood purely on a non-verbal level.

Catherine earned her Bachelor's degrees in art history and communication from Boston University and in product design from Parsons School of Design. Upon discovering her love for teaching and research, she completed her Master of Art in the art & art education program at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she is currently pursuing a doctoral degree. Her current research interests include ethics and morality in art and art education. In addition to her own research, she works as a research assistant to two projects with professors at Teachers College.

Outside of the studio, she is an artist consultant at AHRC, providing art studio time and instructions to adults with developmental disabilities. She develops porfolio for each client, designs developmentally suitable projects and curates shows to showcase the clients work. In addition, she is an artist educator at the Museum of Arts & Design working with students of all ages. During 2008-2009, she was selected to become an artist cohort for The Supporting Women Artists Project (SWAP) mentoring a public school female student interested in art. She has years of experience as an artist volunteer at hospices, shelters for victims of domestic violence, and social services for the homeless. Through art, she strives to help marginalized individuals gain confidence and opportunities to enrich their lives.

Catherine is a recipient of numerous awards, including a prize at the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club show for her sculpture, Juncture, which was exhibited at The National Arts Club in New York City. Bowl of Life was selected for a commemorative exhibition, “Faces of Grief and Healing” in Red Hook, NY. During 2009, a series of work, Red, White & Blue, was exhibited in Manhattan and Brooklyn in three separate shows. In January 2010, she debuted her latest installation work, Tabula Rasa, at Macy Gallery in Teachers College.