(copper, sterling silver, magnet)

(sterling silber, 18K gold)

They look like a Mama and baby set, but Juncture and Hope are two separate pieces from diffrent years.
However, they are connected by an invisible conceptual cord.
Though I have my own ideas as to what they represent, the pieces are open to interpretation. They both have moving parts and have tiny delicate ridges from being hand-sawed (is that word?). Once you pick one of them up, you realize that they are heavier than expected. For both pieces, the precious metal is hidden on the inside.
I want the viewer to question why is gold more 'valuable' than copper. Why do many young women long for diamonds that are deemed more precious and rare by the jewelry industry? I see beauty in moonstones, glass, bamboo paper that are just as 'valuable' to me in terms of its innate beauty.  Diamonds are pretty, but so is a broken piece of green glass that has been sandblasted and washed on shore.