sterling silver and 18k gold

Because I treat my pieces with respect and love as if they were my children, I sometimes wonder how they are living after they leave my studio (I tend to anthromorphosize them).

I never regret parting with any of my pieces because I tend not to get attached to objects. Also, I'm honored that someone likes what I've made enough to acquire and display it. I just fondly think of each piece all grown up and independent.

This piece, "Hope", was sold to a woman collector who lives on Fifth Avenue. It's always amusing to imagine how something that was created in my small Lower East Side studio can end up in a place like that.

Hope is what keeps us going  no matter how tough our circumstances are at the present. It's also the title to one of  my favorite song by Bauhaus.

"Your mornings will be brighter

 Break the line
 Tear up rules
 Make the most of a million times no"  

(lyrics from the song "Hope" by Bauhaus; album "Burning from the Inside")