"Hello" rings

I initially fell in love with metals when I was back in Tokyo for three years after obtaining my degrees in art history and communication from college. I found a job at a publishing company while freelancing as a copywriter for various clients, rented a small apartment overlooking the Sumida River and tried hard to live in Japan again after eight years of living in Canada and the U.S.
As part of my assimilation process, I took classes in Mandarin and jewelry making at a local culture center.
As soon as I started working with silver, I was enamoured by its malleability. Working with metals is challenging because it requires so much planning and patience; but at the same time, you have to embrace accidents and serendipitous discoveries. 

The "Hello" rings are part of my formative work training with metals in New York. I was looking for new ways to wear jewelry. This was the height of artists like Robert Lee Morris who blended art and jewlery.
Although, I do not make jewerly anymore, I am still thankful for enrolling in that introduction course to jewelry-making  in Tokyo. The teacher was an old retired man, teaching old-school techniques. The students had to use foot pumps to add oxygen to gas in order to keep our torches going and we were not allowed to use any machinery.